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Easiest & Fastest (FREE) Way to Grow Your Facebook Following

Ya'll - when I discovered this super easy technique to grow my Facebook page, I was SHOCKED by how quickly my following grew. Facebook continues to be my leading source of inquiries and, while sometimes I slack, I continue to use this one technique.

No giveaways. No targeted ads.

Literally ALL I do is invite people who have engaged with a post to like my page.


When a client/business/brand/friend of yours is tagged in your post (btw - you should be tagging anyone that could be associated with the content you posted) or when they comment or share the post it shows up in their friends' newsfeeds. Friends who may not even know you exist (yet).

Inviting those friends of friends to like your page won't necessarily immediately generate a lead, BUT it does give them access to the content you will post in the future and it also puts your business in the forefront of their mind.

Here's a step-by-step video of how to do it.

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