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Shell Yeah, Beaches!

Hoppe Images is on a mission of empowering women to capture their authentically be|you|tiful journeys through community, photography, and videography services. The BE YOU Community started as a way to bring women together online while they searched for and worked towards their own authenticity. The Community stepped offline in 2021 with the first BE YOU apparel presale which is worn as an announcement of sorts — “I am choosing to be and practicing being authentic for myself… and I’m hoping you’ll join in, too!”

In May of this year, I loaded up my trusty hair and makeup artist (Kasey with Beauty Artistry by Kasey) and three other women to spend 3 nights at the beach to practice choosing ourselves. The entire weekend was carefully planned and organized so attendees could choose from planned activities/meals… but only if they wanted to. A promise was made at the beginning of the trip — “I promise to provide an environment for you to participate but I won’t hold it against you if you choose not to — no questions asked” and so I did.

When they arrived, the ladies were welcomed with a custom gift basket on their beds and a short stroll on the beach. After cruising the giant nacho table for dinner, we played a few games before (unapologetically) dozing off and calling it a night.

For the remainder of the weekend, the girls woke to a spread of hot and cold breakfast options, a lunch on the beach, makeup lessons, a photoshoot with professional hair & makeup, pool time, and a fancy dinner complete with a view of the gulf.

The entire weekend created a melting pot of empowerment, quiet, and laughing. It was the most low effort (while simultaneously taking a ton of work to put together 🤣), fun experience bringing five “strangers” together to enjoy themselves, in the presence of others doing the same, and I can’t think of a more perfect place to do that than the beach.

Jealous? Want to join us for the next BE YOU Beach Trip in 2024? SAVE THE DATE & YOUR SPARE CHANGE >> May 10-13, 2024 and keep your eyes peeled for the booking announcement coming straight to my current client inboxes FIRST!

Wondering what the agenda looked like? Check out the BE YOU Beach Trip Tour Guide here!

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