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Wedding Day Phone App

Let me paint the scene for you -- it's several weeks after your wedding and you get this super duper exciting email from me saying your images are ready (WOOHOO!). You click on your gallery and you spend hours staring at your shiny new gallery... over and over and over again.

Fast forward a week and you'll wonder why your phone is running slow and you'll end up discovering that you have 836471 tabs open in Safari.... and most of them are windows from your gallery because the new iPhone update has a wonky Safari tab system (am I right or what).

Instead of opening Safari and typing in a new link or navigating from the delivery email to view your gallery again, just create a phone "app" on your phone screen to easily navigate to your gallery.

From your new phone app you can have easy access to view your wedding highlight film and each part of your day, download images, shop from the print store, like, comment, and share all from one button. Follow the steps below!

Steps to Follow

  • Navigate to the link in your gallery delivery email

  • Click the "share" button on Safari at the bottom

  • Click "add to Home Screen"

  • Rename the display name if needed

  • Click "add"

  • Move new phone app wherever you'd like it on your Home Screen! Your app will default to the name of your gallery and the cover image that was chosen when your images were uploaded

Here's the best part -- your guests can do the same thing! Feel free to share your wedding day gallery with your guests and vendors. I just ask that you have them tag Hoppe Images as the photographer & videographer and refrain from applying filters or edits to the images. Usage on your or a vendor's website is totally fine too! Just be sure to link back to my website --

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