How far in advanced do I need to book my session? 

Depending on the type of session, we recommend booking 3-6 months in advanced so you can utilize one of our payment options. 

How long does it take to get my photos back? 

It can take up to 6 weeks to receive your wedding gallery, 2 weeks to receive your portraiture gallery, and boudoir galleries are often revealed on the day of your session. Need it sooner? Just let us know and we can give you a current time frame.

How long does it take to get my prints back? 

It can take up to 4 weeks to receive your prints. You will receive your entire order at one time, perfectly packaged and ready to impress

How far do you travel? 

We will travel up to 40 miles at no additional charge for portraiture sessions. We will travel up to one hundred miles for wedding ceremonies & receptions at no additional charge. It is 55 cents per mile, roundtrip thereafter. 

Do you offer video? 

Yes! We now offer video add-ons to any wedding, boudoir, or portrait service. Most of our wedding packages include highlight films with fully licensed songs for you to share on any platform of your choice. 

What's the difference in a micro, short, and highlight film? 

Micro films are under 30 seconds, short films are under 3 minutes, and highlight films are under 10 minutes.

Intimate Portraiture

Why can't I have my consultation online? 

Boudoir sessions are sensitive in nature and we take that very seriously. We require a personal consultation to ensure we are the best boudoir photographer for your intimate session. You may do this in person, via text, or via phone call. 

Do you offer digitals only? 

Yes! You may purchase your full digital gallery on our a la carte menu, although it's much more affordable to purchase them in a collection.

What if I don't want the hair & makeup service (or massage)? 

That is completely fine. You are more than welcome to use your own hair & makeup artist prior to your session; however, we highly encourage to use our artist as she is familiar with the conditions in which we shoot & can make recommendations accordingly. Please let us know at booking if you plan to forfeit either of these complimentary services. 

Will you share my images? 

If you do not want us to, absolutely not. We take confidentiality very seriously and will only share images you give us permission to share. 

Will you edit my body? 

We believe that you are beautiful just the way you are and so we do not make any extreme edits such as thinning waistlines, thinning chins, removing tattoos, moles, or freckles. However, we always help with skin smoothing as well as blemishes in post processing. 

Who is your hair & makeup artist? 

Meet Kasey Foster on our blog!


How many images will I receive? 

You can expect 50 images per hour of service - however, we typically delivery 500+ images per wedding day. 

Do you travel? 

Absolutely! We love to travel and wish we got to do so more often. We can discuss fees at your consultation.

Do you offer videography services? 

Yes, we do offer 5-8 minute highlight films for your wedding day, bridal, engagement, or boudoir sessions. These films feature fully licensed songs that are chosen uniquely for you and are included in most of our wedding packages. Just need a videographer? Our video only services start at $1400. 

Do you offer in person consultations? 

Yes! Choosing to invest in a full-service, professional photographer is a big deal, so we would love to have you over to our studio for coffee or a glass of wine to discuss your wedding!


Do you offer digital only packages? 

We are passionate and adamant that prints are forever and, therefore, the memories behind them will be, too! Prints never go out of style, they never become technologically obsolete. So, every collection we offer includes prints. However, we do offer full digital collections on our a la carte menu, although it is much more affordable to purchase in a collection.

Do you offer smaller sessions? 

Yes! We host 3-4 mini-sessions per year. Mini-sessions are advertised and announced on our social media accounts. Be sure to follow along for the latest information!

Do you offer in person consultations? 

Yes! Choosing to invest in a full-service, professional portrait photographer is a big deal, so we would love to have you over to our studio for coffee or a glass of wine to discuss your session!