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You Might Not Suck, But Your Communication Might

Running a business is hard. Being a customer to a business who shows these two qualities is even harder.


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When left on their own, people will draw conclusions in order to fill in the blanks, making assumptions. This can be a slippery slope.

If you’re experiencing clients who constantly miss deadlines, have a ton of questions, lack boundaries, or are continuously dissatisfied with the end product then you don’t have a client problem, you have a communication problem.

Make it a point to provide resources to your customers and clients. Going the extra mile of creating guides, writing a detailed email, or sending a quick clarifying text will help manage client and personal expectations which keeps you in control of your client’s experience.

In short — don’t assume your clients know something. You are the leader here, be confident and give them information and expectations well before they need it.


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It doesn’t matter how good your website or social feeds are if I can’t find basic information about your business easily.

Avoid making your future clients think, “I’m not even a client yet and it’s this hard?”

>> Be sure to include your immediate service area on the front page of your website, in the footer, and on your “about” page. If you offer travel, say so, but don’t lead the web visitor on a wild goose chase to determine la starting point at least.

>> Even if you prefer your clients to fill out an inquiry form on your website, still include your email address or other alternative contact method. As a photographer, I give wedding vendors free advertising photos after each wedding. You would be surprised how many of those vendors don’t have their actual email listed on their website nor social media channels.

Your client is hiring you because you are the expert in your field, so you know what’s best. Sit up tall and be confident in your communication. Set guidelines and processes in order to create efficiencies in your client communication.

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