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Brand Loyalty - The most forgotten about marketing technique

I didn’t grow up a brand snob. In fact, until college I didn’t even use brand named “cotton swabs.” If you know me today you know how alarming that fact is - I wouldn’t be caught dead without Q-tip brand cotton swabs now. I'm serious.

I would rather never clean my ears again than to use an off brand Q-tip.

I am brand loyal because I trust Q-tip to distribute a product that I believe to be the best on the market. I buy brand name because I know the Q-tip brand will be sturdy enough, fluffy enough, and round enough to get the job I need done, done. The only reason I’ll ever buy a different brand is if they stop producing them at a quality that doesn’t fulfill my needs. Does that mean other people aren't satisfied with Equate cotton swabs? No. It just means that my personal loyalty lies with Q-tip.

It’s the truth, but it’s also a great example of BRAND LOYALTY and why it’s crucial.

People want stability and reliability. They want to know you’ll be there when and how it counts. When you deliver a consistent feeling, product, service, or dream; you are providing that stability and reliability to your client.

➡️ Spending time finding new clients is cool, but spending time connecting with your past clients is better.

Sometimes small businesses get in a rut. We get overwhelmed with marketing campaigns, ads, and targeted posts to try and find new clientele; and sometimes we aren’t even sure we are reaching the right people. I get it, but…

➡️ Don’t forget that your past clients already have an experience with you that you can continue to build on.

They already know the products or services you provide. They know how they feel when they use your services. They know what to expect. So, why not show them you can be reliable and stable time and time again? Why not have them experience more than just a product - have them experience your BRAND.

✅ Spend a tad less time finding new clients and more time connecting with your past clients. They already know you, allow them get to know you even more! It’s the easiest, most genuine marketing strategy you’ll ever implement to improve brand loyalty - you legit just be yourself and your brand WILL grow with supporters in your corner that share your same values.

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