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Trend & Scarcity - How Netflix convinced me to watch a series

First off, if you haven't read the blog about FREQUENT EXPOSURE, haul your butt back to the blog and read that first.

Now that you're all caught up, let's talk about how trend and scarcity took a front row seat in convincing me to watch a series that I had no intentions on watching initially.

If you've been on Netflix anytime in the last year, you've noticed they've added a "top 10" category that tells you what the rest of the world is currently watching. These are going to be movies and series that are trending.

It wasn't until I saw Clickbait in the top 10 that I said to myself, "Well, if everyone else thinks it's good then maybe I'll give it a whirl." I did all of this subconsciously... and Netflix knew I would, even though later on I realized I had probably been duped. Here's what's suspect -

Have you noticed most of the movies in the Top 10 are Netflix originals? Have you noticed they often times have to do with current events? Do you think that's an accident or do you think they're using trends to convince me to prioritize those movies? I can almost guarantee (hard 75% I like to believe) that not only are those movies not a direct representation of what everyone else is watching but they are instead a representation of what Netflix would like me to watch.

And it worked... along with scarcity.

Not only was Clickbait "what everyone else was watching," but it is also a limited series. Not exactly the traditional sense of scarcity here, but it did let me know it wouldn't take me long to complete the entire series -- there's only so many episodes to watch before it's over.

I'm not telling you to lie to your clients, but I am telling you that trends & scarcity do work in marketing. So when the data is true, be sure to let your clients know! You never know when they may be ready to make the jump.

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