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No More Boudoir Mistakes - 3 Wardrobe Pieces for Every Body

Putting together a sexy wardrobe can be overwhelming if you're anything like me. On any given day you can find me in mismatched, holey, and completely snagged bra & undies. The fanciest pair of underwear I own is from Target (as opposed to my usual Wal-Mart specials).

Trust me when I tell you that these three wardrobe pieces are flattering to every body and are so easy to add to your closet!

Body Suit

Body suits hug in all the right places and look great on all shapes and sizes. They are very versatile, come in as many styles as you can possibly imagine, and are super affordable and abundant on Amazon!

If you're trying to take attention away from certain areas, try these variations of the body suit.

Long sleeved will conceal your arms, underwire will give you a little extra support in the bust, and a structured form will snug your belly.


Don't be fooled. Robes don't have to be paired with anything at all to look incredible in your photos. A dark shear robe, like the feather robes in our client closet, look stunning with nada underneath. If you are looking for a more modest boudoir gallery, posing is made easy to leave plenty to the imagination.

If you're wanting to add a little variety to your wardrobe, adding a robe as a topper is a great idea! Lace robes are perfect for simple, gorgeous layering.

Button Down

Button downs are not only comfy, but when paired with simple undies (bra optional) it's transformed into a sexy lounge piece. The best part? There's probably already one hanging in your significant other's closet.

Considering rolling the sleeves up to your elbow to create length in your arms and maybe even a tie for a little seductive touch!

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