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A Client's Perspective - Ms. AW

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Privacy is a priority for me. It's crucial that my client's feel safe and protected so I only ever share what they give me permission to share. Though Ms. AW doesn't want to share her photos, she was happy to share her experience with Hoppe Images Boudoir!

The transcript, with minor changes for reading fluency, of her interview is below. You can watch the full version of this interview in our women's only VIP Facebook group, too!

"My name is MS. AW and I'm 35. I'm married to J. We've been married for 12 years and we have four kids who are 12, 7, 5, and 3. Hobbies - I'm actually a calligrapher. When I'm not teaching high school, I teach high school English, so when I'm not doing that I do wedding calligraphy.

I came across Angela's business logo on a coffee cup at Espresso Geaux and started looking into the photography and saw that she did boudoir. Boudoir is something that I've always wanted to do but, being a mom of four you just don't feel like that's something a mom should do. You kind of feel the opposite - like, mamas shouldn't do that and so I kept looking and looking and then one day my husband actually said something about he wished he had 'em and I kind of let it go and then another night we were at dinner in downtown Baton Rouge and I saw a woman in a pair of Christian Louboutin high heels and I was like, "man if I had a pair of those I might would do a boudoir shoot," and then a month later he bought me a pair.

Which I think means do the photo shoot, sis. So here we are and then I booked Angela. It was, well I scheduled a text conversation. I think that's how it went and immediately it was like Angela and I had known each other our entire lives. From the first moment we texted it was just like friendship was the first thing that happened, and I honestly feel, she may not feel the same way I don't know, I feel like we're friends now because I just, I don't know, she's so personable and she's easy to talk to and she she makes you feel, or she made me feel, like i can do this and it doesn't really matter that you've had four kids and your body doesn't maybe look the way you want it to, or you know, and it doesn't really matter that this is, um, such an investment. I mean that's intimidating, you know, and everything that goes into it. Um, she just she made it easy. The whole thing was seamless."


"I got here and Kasey was ready for me, she did my hair, makeup and the whole time it was just a fun day a very fun day. Angela sat and chatted with us and then she laid out outfits and you know we kind of went through that process of picking outfits out. But then like even my makeup was done and they're like the best hype team, Angela and Kasey were, because they're just like, "Girl, get in that ring light and take some selfies like right now, take them," - so like, they're just they were so fun.

Then the whole process throughout the day was, I mean of course you start and you're like kind of a little nervous you don't know what to expect, but Angela was so, I don't know if instructional is the right word, but she coached you through every single thing. She told me where to sit and how to move and how to breathe or don't breathe or do this with your hands or whatever and so that made it really easy and then by the end of the day it was like this is really fun I don't want it to be over."


"I love them. I love all of them. Just book the shoot. Don't think about it, don't contemplate it, just do it because you'll be so glad that you did. It's worth all of the work and effort that goes in to it just book the shoot - it's a fun time! I'll do it again, I don't know when but I'll do it again."

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