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Frequent Exposure - Curiosity kills the cat on this one

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

I watch an embarrassing amount of Netflix. There... I said it. But, at this point, I'm calling it research. When I was scrolling trying to find something to watch the other day I finally said, "f*c$ it" and clicked on Clickbait (irony at its best... keep reading.).

Honestly, I kind of got tired of seeing the preview photo & movie name so curiosity finally got the best of me. I finally watched the series and ya'll...... I wasn't disappointed.

FREQUENT EXPOSURE is what made me make the click. Netflix's algorithm repetitively telling me, "No bitch, stop scrolling and watch this series. It's what you need. It's what will satisfy your current need of a series to watch."

Did you know that only 10% of your followers will see the content you just posted? Did you know that of the 10% of followers who see your post, they may or may not be the same people who saw your last post?

So - let's pretend, for the sake of the following math, that when you make a post, 10/100 followers see it. Then, you make another post and a different 10/100 followers will see it; and so on. That means that you'd have to post the same post a minimum of ten times if you want everyone to see it one time (don't do that). BUT -

DON'T BE AFRAID TO POST SIMILAR CONTENT ON SEVERAL POSTS THROUGHOUT THE WEEK/MONTH. It's not that they don't want your service, it's that they haven't seen your posts about it in a while.

You know what else helped get me to click on the title? Seeing that same title on the "Top 10 Watched" section. This was my thought process --

  1. Why do they keep showing me this movie? It looks stupid.

  2. How is this stupid movie on the Top 10? Other people must be watching it.

  3. Ehhh, let's see what I'm missing. I don't have anything else to watch.

That brings me to the next two points that helps content make it to your client.

TRENDS & SCARCITY >> Stay tuned, the blog on this is coming!

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