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Dressing Just for You

Okay, so here’s the thing about lingerie… as tempting as it is to grab something that will hide every “flaw,” that’s what NOT to do. We want to celebrate and focus on your “ass”ets and ignore the areas you consider less than perfect. Don’t worry about those areas - that’s my job (but trust me, you’re gorgeous).

So, let’s show off those assets, girl, you're going to look AH-MAZING.

Step by step process to choosing your wardrobe to slay your boudoir session -

  1. Identify your "ass"ets; what do you love and want to showcase?

  2. Identify any areas you may want to draw attention away from.

  3. Read the Hoppe Images recommended pieces below that coordinate for your answers above.

  4. Add accessories

  5. Visit Hoppe Images' Amazon Wardrobe Idea List

Below are common areas of focus for the clientele we have served; whether as an asset or a "problem" area. Whatever your areas of focus, be sure your wardrobe doesn't leave marks or bulges when worn.

Facial Features (eyes, lips, hair, etc)

Choose a wardrobe which draws attention to your face. Strappy bras, high neck body suits, and body jewelry are your best friends!

If you are self conscious about wrinkles, blemishes, or anything of the like, be sure to speak with the hair & makeup artist prior to application. Bling earrings will be excellent for you!

Arms, Hands, Shoulders

Choose a wardrobe that is strapless, spaghetti strapped, or with capped sleeves. Decorative haltered lingerie is fabulous, too!

If you are self conscious about your arms, armpits, or shoulders, long sleeved body suits, oversized t-shirts, and robes are your besties!


Choose a wardrobe heavy with lace or sheer fabric. Drop neckline lingerie, boustierres, and elegant braletts are on the top of your shopping list.

If you are self conscious about your breasts, body suits with underwire & support or two piece push-up styled bras are a go-to.


Choose a wardrobe with intricate or strapy undies, two piece lingerie sets, and waist jewelry

If you are self conscious about your tummy, stick to one piece body suits, tummy control slips (the cute kind!), or boustierres.

Bottom Half (butt, hips, legs)

Choose a wardrobe with lace detailed undies, cut-off shorts, or high hipped body suits.

If you are self conscious about your butt, hips, or legs, consider adding a few accessories to your lingerie. Shear skirts, fishnet stockings, and heels are excellent options!

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