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Creating Custom GIFs

GIFs are an excellent way for you to personalize your brand on the internet. I started using custom GIFs and photos to react to online content a couple of years ago and you know what kept me doing it?


When you’re commenting or posting your face in a fun way, people fall in love. You’re already using GIFs, why not make them personal?

Keep reading for a crash course in making your own, high quality GIFs.


Place yourself against a plain, clutter free background or wall. It’s best to have a window or ring light directly in front of you to fill shadows.

If you intend on removing the background on your GIF (which I recommend), be sure you don’t wear the same color as your background. One time a client wore white pants against my white wall and it looked like she didn’t have any legs 😂


Whether with your phone or your camera, you’ll want to use a tripod. Set the tripod up at a distance from you that will catch as “tall” as the top of your head to your hips and as “wide” as your arms get when giving a good, enthusiastic thumbs up.

Though you can record horizontally, I find it best to record vertically. If you are using a professional camera, this means you’ll need to rotate the footage after exporting and before using.

If you have no idea how to use your camera for video, here are some settings to start with — f/2.2, 1/100 shutter speed, ISO to “taste.”


It can be difficult to get genuine expressions that are actual representations of your emotions as they happen. For this reason, I’ve come up with a few hacks.

First, start the recording. Second, start the storytelling.

If you have someone to help you — have them simply talk to you about your day, their day, or some gossip they may have experienced recently. You would be shocked the number of facial expressions we make throughout simple conversation.

If you don’t have anyone to help you, go to Facebook or Instagram and scroll through. Girl, you know what kind of expressions you make when you see crazy things on the internet.

If you’re recording for someone else, start the camera and then make them think you’ve got to get your settings and gear prepared. During their nervous “getting ready” energy, you’ll be capturing expressions when they don’t even realize it!


Using either iMovie or a phone app, like InShot, upload your footage and scrub the video for clips between 1-3 seconds long. Export.

If you used your professional camera and recorded vertically, you will need to rotate your footage after the export. You can do this by right clicking the file and clicking rotate.

Navigate to, upload video clip, and remove background. Download as a GIF.


Check out this quick video on how to use your GIFs.

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