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Building Out Your Content Calendar

The reality of owning a business is that it takes quite a bit of planning to ensure the juice is worth the squeeze on many aspects. Social media is no different. Ensuring the message you're sending is the message that's being received by the (right) client.

I'm no expert when it comes to curating an exact, purposeful message but I do have a method for planning post topics that are a great start to serving your audience! Give this a try and let me know in the comments how it worked for you!

Start Here -

  • Determine the frequency you will be posting on your social media.

  • Build out an outline (like you learned in middle school) which includes broad, main topics and then brain dump below those main topics with subtopics

  • Rotate the main topics throughout the month & each time it appears, touch on one of your subtopics

Sample Outline -

  1. Getting to Know the Owner

    1. Share a memory

    2. Share 5 facts about yourself

    3. Share a joke/quote

    4. Introduce your pets or family

  2. Nurturing Your Community

    1. Promote a business that is related to your own business

    2. Post a client's review

    3. Post a client's story

    4. Share important clubs/organizations in your area

  3. Inform Your Audience

    1. Tips for preparing for your session

    2. Locations

    3. Top 5 seasonal colors for your wardrobe

    4. Discuss availability

    5. FAQ’s

  4. Highlight a product/service

    1. Feature folio boxes

      1. Glass

      2. Leather

    2. Feature albums

    3. Feature digitals

      1. best place to print for self serve

      2. printing with your photographer

    4. Feature calendars

      1. desk easel

      2. wall

    5. Feature Biz + Branding services

    6. Feature wedding services

    7. Feature portrait services

Sample Calendar

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