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Baton Rouge Photographer - The Little Deets

If there is anything I enjoy, it's the little details. I've always been detailed oriented, making sure every hair, earring, and collar is in the right place to be able to execute the perfect photo.

When you're prepping for your boudoir session with Hoppe Images, don't forget to spend time on the little details.


Let's be honest. Heels aren't the most comfy kicks around, but they have a way of filling us with confidence, and when you choose the right pair, they really aren't all that bad!

>> For your boudoir session, choose a simple, black heel. Think the typical stiletto.

>> Don't worry, you won't be walking much (if at all) while wearing these, so while it's tempting to go for comfort, absolutely go for style.

>> If you don't have a shoe arsenal, don't sweat it! Borrow a pair of stilettos from a friend or family member.

>> Keep the colors neutral. Black and nude heels tend to go with every outfit you bring and have a super classy and swanky feel.


Don't think too hard about this one. The center of attention goes to you during your boudoir shoot, not your accessories.

>> Bring a couple of simple earring and necklace pieces that will compliment your wardrobe.

>> A generic diamond necklace and earring set will not only go with everything, but it will add a little sparkle.

>> Choose something that won't clash with any embellishments on your lingerie. For instance, if your lingerie has straps along the bust, it's best to go without a necklace at all.


Don't fall victim to a bad mani-pedi. If you don't have time to get a professional mani-pedi, here are some alternatives.

>> Grab some stick on nails from Walgreens for your session. Sounds crazy, but your middle school self will be dancing and they'll look great in photos.

>> Grab the polish remover and take it off completely. Chipped nails are awful in photos and, unfortunately, aren't included in standard edits.

I hope you find these tips helpful! If you've done a session with us, what are some tips you have for future clients? Leave them in the comments!

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