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BE YOU Easter Brunch

The BE YOU Community is a group who understands that building others up never breaks you down on the inside. Our commitment to pouring into ourselves allows us the space to then pour into others. In doing so, we aim to empower them to do just the same.

Our group is a community comprised of primarily women, many of which who are survivors of domestic violence or who may need help to support their children after a traumatic experience. The Capital Area Family Justice Center, located in Baton Rouge, has a mission to provide survivors of domestic violence and dating violence with the opportunity to create safer, more stable lives for themselves and their children by providing in-depth, professionally supported, and comprehensive services. If there's anything I stand behind it's providing resources to people in need, especially during crisis.

Since holidays tend to exacerbate stress, we decided to collect donations and fill Easter eggs for the Capital Area Family Justice Center in Baton Rouge. Together, at the BE YOU brunch, we stuffed over 500 eggs to provide to families which helped to create a sense of normalcy during an otherwise stressful season for many families.

Without the unity of the BE YOU community and contributions, both big and small, we wouldn't have been able to make such a difference. Because of our group we were able to help several mommas sleep a little more sound in what feels like a never ending storm.

A special THANK YOU to everyone who donated supplies and helped stuff eggs this Easter!

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