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Save the World, Save your Wallet

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Did know that you could save your wallet and your environment at the same time? Well, you totally can! Perhaps you've even considered how to "Go Green" but felt it to be too complicated. Below you'll read 3 super easy ways my husband and I have helped save dollars (while also helping our environment by default).


This one was an easy swap. It started as a way to minimize the frustration of a cluttered storage container cabinet. I got tired of a million lids that fit exactly zero of the containers, never being able to find a container the right size, and....spaghetti stains (need I say more). I always shied away from glass storage because of the cost. What started as a Black Friday sale at Walmart in college (where I bought a set of glass Pyrex baking/storage set for probably $3 or something stupid), ended as a bulk buy of glass at IKEA.

What I noticed was my husband, Evan, and I frequently used the Pyrex baking containers as leftover storage because 1. We could always find the lids and 2. They stacked so perfectly. That alone made it easier to toss the plastic in the donate bin and move on to glass.

TIP: Go big or go home. Don't skimp on the containers with crappy lids -- go for the ones with click lids. These are the ones I have.

These are my favorite from Amazon!


This one took some convincing. The thought of not using paper towels had been on my mind for years but the thought was always so terrifying that I would quickly hit the mute button when the thought popped into my head. When I noticed a friend of mine had no paper towels in a house with three boys.. it kind of negated the excuse of having dogs making the change impossible for me. Alas, I made the swap. It took a few weeks to get Evan fully on board but now that we use reusable napkins and towels for *most* things, we can't justify going back! Not only is it helping the environment, it's helping our household budget! We haven't purchased paper towels in over 6 months!

TIP: Stay away from terrycloth and loose threads as they will catch food and debris. These are my favorite from Amazon #ad. We keep them folded in a drawer with our dish towels.


After getting used to limited paper towel access, this one was simple! When we ran out of paper plates, never added them to the shopping list, and never replenished them.


So there ya have it, 3 easy and doable ways that were total game changers for my family. And, if a desire, you can do just the same.... tame your wallet while also giving back to the world. Please feel free to share this blog on your social media to help others pad their wallets too!

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