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Dressing Everyone in Two Steps - Top Secret Steps

Choosing the perfect wardrobe for you and your family can be pretty stressful. It's something I enjoy providing feedback on because just like you, I want your images to turn out stunning! Wardrobe & location are crucial factors to nailing your portrait session, so it's important to spend time choosing the perfect combination.

The steps you see below are simple & can be applied to any portrait session; families, couples, and even engagements.

Step One: Choose Everyone's Color

>> The woman of the house (you) chooses her color first. It is a good idea to have you in the boldest color or pattern in the group. I recommend choosing jewel tones or muted colors such as emerald, navy, maroon, plum, blush, sage, steel blue or a nice simple floral pattern on a mostly white background.

>> Everyone else will wear complementary colors to you. I recommend neutrals like beige, white, baby blue, grey, black, or brown.

>> If more than one person is in the same color, be sure the colors aren't exactly the same.

Step Two: Accessorize or Texturize

Each person should have at least one accessory or texture. I recommend accessories like cardigans, blazers, vests, suspenders, formal hats, bowties or flower crowns. I recommend textures like chiffon, fur, or silk. These will add depth and movement and will elevate your portraits.

It's as simple as that. For each person, choose their main color and then add an accessory or layer.

Wish you could just click the buy button on the perfect wardrobe pieces? I got you. You can check out the Hoppe Images Portrait Wardrobe Idea List. Keep in mind that the item photo on the list may not be the best style/color available. It's best to refer back to the tips above to ensure you choose the best option.

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