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Baton Rouge Photographer - Top Three Free Location Options

There are a million different places in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas to take your family, engagement, or bridal photos. Here are my top three FREE location choices to offer clients.

Perkins Rowe

Perkins Rowe offers a ton of different areas for any vibe you can think of!

>> You want a fun vibe? Shoot at the rainbow wall by Fresh Market!

>> You want a lifestyle vibe? Shoot at Bin 77 with a cocktail with your significant other.

>> Want a classy vibe? Stroll hand in hand, under the trees, along the sidewalks, and in your Sunday's best.

Central Intermediate School

CIS was such a good find. Though I do not recommend using this location during school hours, it offers a gorgeous, Louisiana vibe. With lots of grass, giant oak trees, and moss, you can really get a high end look in your images with no admission fees.

Downtown Baton Rouge

Downtown Baton Rouge gives similar vibes as Perkins Rowe, but the difference is the access to the sunset over the Mississippi River, the fountains at the Shaw Center, or the rooftop at Tsunami.

If you're looking for a city scape, downtown is a great freebie option!

Whatever feel you're hoping to get from your portrait, engagement, or bridal photography session, be sure you choose the right photographer for you! Check out our blog about Choosing the Right Fit for your Wedding Photographer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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