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Baton Rouge Photographer - Motivate, Encourage, Empower

There is something so sweet about putting "pen to paper" and yelling to the world why you are who you are and why you do the things you do. So, here I am. Angela Hoppe, owner and photographer of Hoppe Images, telling you my "why" for striving to be one of the best photographers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Life is tough. Get a helmet.

I've always felt privileged with opportunity, encouraged, and like I could do anything I wanted to do. I can't remember a time where I felt like I had no one in my corner, no one rooting me on. I've always felt so blessed with passionate and supportive friends and family who cheer on my crazy ideas and radiate confidence when I tell them my next impulsive decision.

I'm not naive enough to think that everyone has that, though. Which is why I choose to help be that light for others.

It is important for me to be the motivating, encouraging, and empowering voice in the lives of those around me. It is important to me to help others navigate the trash in this life to find and freeze the beauty.

Why women?

I choose to breathe life into women because the world can be a hard place for us. I don't have to ramble on about the challenges and unfair things that women have to go through on a daily basis; I know you know.

So. Why women? Because in a man's world, someone needs to be there to tell women to "do the damn thang." Do it. DO. IT. Whatever you want to do, whoever you want to be, however you want to look -- do it. Or don't. Sometimes dreaming is exactly what we need and it's just as important for me to encourage you to make improvements as it is for me to empower you to be exactly who you are in this moment.

This is me telling you that you are beautiful. This is me telling you that wherever you are in life is good enough. This is me telling you that at this very moment, with no improvements, with no changes, you are enough.

Portraits are for L-I-F-E.

My husband and I purchased a new home last year and I did what we all do. I packed up boxes, tossed things that I had been meaning to toss for years, and I got extremely distracted. By what?

The scrapbooks I found tucked away on a bookshelf in the office. I spent what felt like hours thumbing through the scrapbooks my mom had organized of different times in my life. I found myself smiling and laughing as I remembered friends I hadn't seen in years. I remembered not only that moment, but also the words that were said and the moments in the days and weeks surrounding those moments. I found myself wanting to snuggle up with my husband and give him a tour of my past life; I wanted him to see who I have surrounded myself with for years.

It was in thinking about that experience that I said, "I want everyone to feel this." There is so much joy that comes from nostalgia and I get so much joy giving that to my clients.

In ten years, I want my clients to find a leather album on the bookshelf and snuggle up with their kiddos and tell them all about their lives. In five years, I want my client to find her boudoir album and say, "Holy crap, that's me." What I don't want is these moments to be forgotten on a USB drive (or CD, or SD card, or insert future technology here) that's shoved in a file folder somewhere or lost in space like my entire 2007-2009 (thanks, MySpace).

This is why I want to serve you.

Facebook photos. Circa 2007.

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