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Baton Rouge Photographer - Gifting Your Senior Portraits

In a day of digital, you're probably wondering why you should be including prints in your senior portrait session. Besides the fact that current social platforms will eventually morph into other platforms (and your photos will be gone forever), you will also need them to gift to others.

What? Gift my senior portraits to others? Why? To Whom?

Graduation Announcements

It is traditional to include a wallet sized print in the graduation announcements you send out to your friends and family. Not only does it serve as a great "thank you for your support" but it also gives them something unique and special to hang on their fridge to remind them of how proud they are of you and your accomplishments.


One day, in the very far off future, you will be sorting through your belongings right after a move. You'll come across your yearbook and start thumbing through it, reminiscing. The only thing is that every photo of your friend will look just like the next person on the page. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a stack of photos of your friends that show off their uniqueness? That's what these photos are for!

When you're ordering your senior portraits, be sure to order enough wallets to include one in each announcement as well as a handful for your friends. If wallets aren't your thing, 4x6 prints are also easily stored and can be collected in a nice folio box (like the one below). You may not realize you need this, but trust me.... you will in 15 years.

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