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Baton Rouge Photographer - All About Wardrobe

Your wardrobe will affect your images more than you realize. You can take photos on the same exact day, at the same time, at the same place, with the same photographer and a different wardrobe and the images will look completely different.

How you dress you and your family will affect how you feel about your photos. How you feel about your photos will ultimately drive where (if) you display them and who you share them with. I've put together a few of my favorite tips to help when putting together your wardrobe for yearly family photographs so you get a gallery you are proud to plaster everywhere!

Dressing You

Hey girl, let's get real. You are the star of the show. So, let's dress you first.

My absolute favorite look for adult women is long, flowy dresses. Flowy dresses look great on every body type and create wonderful movement to your gallery! They offer a task for your hands to do and tend to hide problem areas. My second favorite outfit are dark washed skinny jeans and a lightweight top.

Don't forget to add coordinating accessories such as statement jewelry or a flower crown.

In general, I like to see more texture than patterns on you. Texture would be considered layered fabrics (like chiffon over cotton or a light cardigan over your outfit) or scarves or lace.

Dressing Him

Okay, now that we have you dressed, let's get those adult guys dressed.

My go-to look for adult men are khakis or dark washed jeans with a tucked in button down, belt, and dress shoes. Think Sunday's best or job interview.

In general, I like to see patterns, although not distracting, on him. Think plaid button downs or a patterned tie. It is also a good idea to bring a light blazer, which may be patterned.

Dressing Littles

The littles are usually my absolute favorites to dress.

My go-to looks for kiddos are very similar to the recommendations you read above. The only caveat is the accessories.

Adding in suspenders, bowties, or boutonnières for the guys and flower crowns or tulle skirts for girls will completely transform your images. I highly recommend ordering a fresh flower crown from Forage in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Color Scheme

Color scheme matters. Be sure to coordinate colors with the entire family.

My go-to color scheme includes a lot of nude or Earth tones along with deep jewel tones for accents. I never recommend wearing bright colors like ruby red, Kelly green, yellow, or orange.

Swipe through to see my favorite color schemes. Nudes are always a winner in my book.

Still Overwhelmed?

That's okay! I've got you. Every session comes with an extensive wardrobe style guide.

I will even steer you toward some of my most favorite online shops!

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