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Wedding Wire vs The Knot

You're engaged and now you're wondering who to trust when choosing vendors for your wedding day (and beyond). You've, undoubtedly, heard of two huge websites that recommend vendors - Wedding Wire & The Knot and you're wondering which one to use.

How do you know which one to trust ------> Let me help.

Neither. Wedding Wire & The Knot doesn't always show you the best vendor for your needs, but instead will show you the vendors who have paid thousands in advertising to get you to click on them.

I get it. We all pay for advertising. BUT... there are a few other resources that will give you better, more accurate feedback on the best vendor to fit your needs.

Try chatting with your bridal shop & ask for feedback from friends. When putting your feelers out, be sure to ask for vendors that meet your style, personality, and budget so your friends (and bridal shop) know who to recommend based on their experience.

There is seriously nothing like getting real feedback with emotion, hand motions, and everything South Louisiana when choosing the best wedding vendors in Louisiana. So, when shopping for your wedding vendors, ask friends, ask vendors you've already used, and consider scheduling a phone call, video chat, or in person consultation with any new vendors you're thinking about hiring.

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