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Tips to Nailing Poses at Your Wedding

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

You've made an investment in your wedding photo/videographer. It only makes sense that, while documentation of your interactions will occur, you probably don’t want a RBF (resting bi*ch face) or t-rex arms in every photo and you likely don’t want formal photos of you and your new hubby to take 500 hours.

Below are three techniques to nailing poses at your wedding.


…Like always. If you’re not sure what to do with your hands (which is usually always), there’s a 90% chance touching your new hubby is exactly what I have in mind! Always have your hands on each other — if it looks silly, I’ll let you know!


…In each other. The best captured moments are when you’re least expecting it. Between formal poses that I coach you through, get lost in the company of each other. Whisper secrets or memories, talk about the day before this moment, hold hands, snuggle up, exchange sweet nothings.


…Don’t skimp on the random kisses. You can never have enough. If you feel the desire to smooch your new hubs, YOU CAN! Even if it’s not a designated kissy photo, it’s totally okay to sneak one in — those make THE BEST photos.

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