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The Hidden Mysteries to Getting Everything on Your Amazon Wedding Gift Registry

Amazon is the number one used registry between weddings, babies, and Christmas lists.

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I don't actually know if that's true, but it feels like it is. It absolutely is true among my friends and family who I purchase gifts for because I choose Amazon every. single. time. for the simple fact that it's easy for buyer and receiver. In fact, when someone doesn't have an Amazon registry, I feel mildly inconvenienced (I can't be the only one... right?).

Amazon allows you to rate the item's importance for your guests to prioritize purchasing and it also allows you to write comments next to it so you can tell your guests important information like - "Something similar is fine."

Here are two things most people don't know...

1. Add It All

After your event, Amazon sends Prime members a 20% off coupon (10% if you aren't a Prime member) to purchase items shipped & sold by Amazon off of your list that you did not receive from guests. This coupon is good for one use and sent to you about a week after your event date. So, that money you received during the money dance - purchase the leftover items on your registry at a 20% discount.

For this reason, I recommend putting everything might you want on your registry and prioritizing items shipped and sold by Amazon. When viewing an item, you can check these details under the "Buy Now" button.

2. Gift Cards Save

If your guests know this, it's a good idea for them to gift you an Amazon gift card... which you can in turn use to purchase the "remaining" items on your registry with at a 20% discount! Be sure to rate your gift card as the highest priority item.

Amazon is a super helpful tool for your wedding gift registry and using these two simple techniques, you can be sure to get everything you want at a great discount.

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