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When you're making your vendor contact list, don't forget to book your live painter. A photographer, videographer, and live painter will all provide much different perspectives when representing your wedding day. Quite frankly, I don't think any of those creatives can be done without.

Joseph Turpin, Turpin Art Live, 2021

There is something impactful about watching your wedding scene come to life, right in front of your eyes. When I discovered the live painting sector of the arts, I was instantly mesmerized by the talent.

I have partnered with two amazing live painters to get some of your most burning questions answered. Please let me introduce Joseph Turpin of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Kimberly Sari of Houston, Texas.

Kimberly Sari, Brushed Script, 2021
Joseph Turpin, Turpin Art Live

From Joseph - Turpin Art Live, Baton Rouge

1. What types of painting styles are popular in wedding painting? Which are you?

There are a variety of painting styles in the live wedding painting industry! Some artists have an abstract and rushed feel whereas others are more detailed and realistic. There are also different paint types which allow for different styles such as watercolor, acrylic, oil painting, etc. My style is more realistic while using acrylic paint, I try to exaggerate vibrant colors to make the painting pop as well.

2. What questions should I ask the painter before booking them?

The more involved the clients are, the better. I like to finalize all small details beforehand, and these specific questions are in my contract for the bride and groom to answer. For example, I need to know which guests the bride and groom would like to be featured in the painting, such as certain family members, their pets, their deceased loved ones, etc. Also I like to focus on the main viewpoints of the wedding such as flowers, the cake, the dance floor, the couples favorite part of their venue, etc. I love getting creative and making all their favorite elements of the wedding come together into the painting to make a masterpiece and something they can cherish forever!

3. For excellent quality work, what price range can I expect when inquiring?

I have a variety of packages with different choices in canvas sizes, ranging in price from $1,800 to $2,500+.

4. What's your favorite moment of the day to paint for your clients?

The scene that I choose to paint mainly depends on what the bride and groom decide on. However, I like to be sure to give my creative input as well as to what I think will make for the best scene for the painting. For example, if the ceremony is a more appealing view rather than the reception, then I will recommend the painting be of the bride and groom saying their vows. I also found recently that one of my favorite views to paint is right after the bride and groom say "I do!" and they are walking down the aisle together after being announced

newlyweds. I also recommend to some couples to mix elements, such as the "exit" scene of the wedding, as well as even the first look. It is ultimately up to the couples as to what they want to have their painting of, but I am always eager to put in my creative ideas and


5. What sets you apart from other live painters?

Something I do that not all live wedding painters do, I take all my paintings home after the wedding and put in fine details and add those final touches to ensure the painting is perfect! Spending extra time on the painting in my studio, really does take the painting to the

next level.

You can book Joseph Turpin with Turpin Art Live here.

Photo provided by Kimberly

From Kimberly - Brushed Script, Houston

1. How would you describe your art?

I am an Impressionist artist. I provide pieces that are simple in form yet heavy in emotion due to texture and color. Think of Monet!

2. Why book a live painter for weddings?

Although the concept may seem foreign to many, live painting has been around for ages. It is the epitome of romanticism for your wedding. Having a unique form of entertainment for your guests is a great addition to your day & adds that luxurious feel. And of course there is the bonus of having a forever piece from your special day!

3. Do you choose the scene or does the couple?

While I would happily offer my opinion when asked, the decision is up to the client. The day is theirs and so it only makes sense that they get to choose their scence/pose!

4. Do you travel?

I will come to your venue! There may be a travel fee but all that information is included in your free quote.

You can book Kimberly Sari with Brushed Script here.

Have more questions for your live painter? You can follow along on Instagram or shoot Joseph & Kimberly an inquiry on their websites.

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