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Four Tips to Scheduling Your Wedding Date

One of the first things you'll consider when choosing your wedding date is how long you anticipate it will take you to plan (& how soon you want to become Mrs.). That's a great place to start, but here are four other things that you really should consider when determining your wedding date.

Football Season

In the south, football is life. Depending on where you are, it's a good idea to evaluate your home team's schedule to ensure you don't choose a date on a big game day. I know, it sounds crazy, but so are football fans.

When choosing your wedding date, be aware that you may have to have a TV streaming the game at your wedding if you want maximum attendance.


Holidays can be convenient days to hold your wedding. They typically offer extra time for travel, so if you have a lot of out of town guests, holidays make prime wedding dates. If this applies to you, some things you should consider are -

>> Vendors usually have a holiday up charge in order to compensate themselves & their staff for spending time with your family instead of their own. Expect to pay more for your venue, caterer, photographer, & more.

>> Hotels and flights are usually more expensive during the holidays. Expect your guests to pay more to get to and stay for your wedding.


If you live in Louisiana, you know that you cannot have an outdoor wedding in June, July, or August without dying of heat stroke. So, if you're dreaming of an outdoor wedding, be sure to keep this in mind; alternatively, there are some gorgeous indoor venues that will accommodate the heat. However, even when going with an indoor venue, you may still want outdoor photos and, as a photographer, I do too. So, keep in mind that you and your groom will get a little sweaty doing them.

For this reason (and more), if you're hoping for a March, April, October, or November wedding, book it now. They typically book out first and fast in South Louisiana.

Daylight Savings Time

Spring forward, fall backward. If every image you love from your photographer is taken in daylight, it's a good idea to plan your wedding around when the sun is setting. Fall weddings are the bomb, but depending on the month you may run out of sun a lot sooner.

Night photos are gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but if all the images you are drawn to are taken in the daylight or right before sunset, make sure the time doesn't run out on you.

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