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Baton Rouge Weddings - What to Include in Your Bridal Details

Bridal details have very quickly become one of my favorite parts of a wedding gallery. Why? Because it allows me to use my creativity to make something so timeless and elegant. Choosing pieces to include in your bridal details can be fun for you, too! Include anything you want to remember. Anything small and unique. Here are some of my favorites that you don't want to forget!

Wedding Bands + Engagement Rings

One of the most widely recognized symbols of unity and marriage. You don't want to forget to include them! Before your wedding, get your ring(s) professionally cleaned so they are in tip top condition. Don't forget to include the groom's wedding band, your wedding band, along with your engagement ring. If you have a ring box that is near and dear to your heart, include that, too!

Invitation Suites

You paid enough for them and you don't even get the excitement of receiving one in the mail and opening it up. Include your entire invitation suite in your bridal details - invitations, RSVP cards, accommodations, envelopes, and whatever stamp you sent them with! Did you seal with wax? Include a loose wax seal to showcase! 

Bridal Accessories

Besides your rings, be sure to include your wedding day jewelry - earrings, necklaces, bracelets, accessory rings. It's a good idea to also have your garter, veil, shoes and even your wedding day perfume available for your photographer. We want to make sure you remember all of these pieces.

Groom Accessories

He doesn't have many of them, so let's make sure he gets his moment to shine, too! Include his cuff links, tie, and boutonniere. 

Floral Stems & Bulbs

Most florist have no issue including some loose floral stems & bulbs from your bouquet. We want to be sure to showcase your bridal details to reflect your day - that includes using real flowers from you special day. However, we don't want to disturb your bouquet, so it's a good idea to ask your florist, when you make your floral order, to include a few loose floral stems, bulbs and greenery. 

I'm looking forward to making magic with you, love.

xoxo Angela

Florist: Forage BR | @forage_br Stationery: Grey House Paper | @greyhousepaper

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