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Baton Rouge Weddings - The Perfect Venue

Look, I get it. Wedding planning is hard. There's a lot of pressure to please a ton of people while also making sure the vision for your big day is exactly what you want.  You're trying to make sure the flowers match the dresses, which match the tablecloths, which match your nail polish. You're trying to make sure you know who is walking down the aisle when and to what song. All of this, and you still have to worry about picking the perfect venue.

Well, I'm no professional wedding planner, but I am a professional wedding photographer in Baton Rouge. So, here are five things to look for in the perfect wedding venue - these are things that will help reflect in your images the true elegance of your wedding day!

1. Walls + Ceilings Matter

More and more wedding venues are catching on to the importance of light colored walls and ceilings. Choosing a venue with white or light colored walls and ceilings will help capture the cleanliness, sharp, and timeless photos that you're hoping for!

A venue with wooden walls or ceilings, carpet, and no windows may be gorgeous in person, but could alter the way your images turn out. Your photos will still look amazing, don't get me wrong, but sometimes can be overwhelmed with an orange tone in backgrounds.

Consider The River Terrace at the Shaw Center Baton Rouge

2. Natural Light is Forgiving

If you're looking for crisp, clean, and consistent images on your wedding day, consider a venue with access to lots of light.

Natural light is very soft and kind to our skintones, so having a venue with some large windows or a nice outdoor space is key. You don't need to get married in a glass box, but one or two spots for formal photos will absolutely transform your gallery!

Consider this outdoor space at

3. Golden Hour is Bomb

Golden Hour is this magical time frame where the sun's light is the softest, most beautiful light you've seen. Golden Hour is usually one hour before sunset, so try to find a venue who allows ceremonies to start around that time.

It's a good idea to have your ceremony during this time, especially if it's an outdoor ceremony, as this will help your photographer capture the emotion during the ceremony!

Dreaming of a night wedding? That's totally fine! See #4.

Consider The Gatehouse in Baton Rouge

4. First Looks All Around

I'm not exactly sure when First Looks became a thing, but I'm so glad they did. First looks give your photographer that extra minute or two to absolutely perfect your images.

The time between ceremony and reception is often rushed - I mean, it's time to party, right? People are fidgeting, uninterested, and overall ready to get to the reception. Setting aside 45 minutes to an hour before your ceremony to get bride, groom, and bridal party photos out of the way will allow for a quick and smooth transition to the reception.

Typically, venues will allow one to two hours of access prior to your ceremony. If your venue does not, consider doing your first look at a local park.

Consider the rooftop at Tsunami Baton Rouge

5. Space is Key

I know this one seems obvious, but choose a venue that has enough space for your guests. Sometimes, this may mean going without one or two tables to force your guests onto the dance floor.

Why is this important? You want your photos to tell a story. You want your photos to be clean, clear, and really show off everything from your wedding day, not just the back of Aunt Suzie's head. A venue that is cramped will not allow us to capture your side ceremonies (cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc) without having Uncle Tom's creepy smile in every photo.

I know this gives you a lot more to think about (yay, right?), but I know you will choose the perfect venue! These five things to help you choose the perfect wedding venue in Baton Rouge will absolutely transform your gallery and make your wedding photographer weak in the knees.


Angela Looking for memorable wedding pictures? You have come to the right place. At Hoppe Images, we want to make your wedding experience one you will remember for years to come. Anything but traditional, our goal is to deliver the most relaxed, easy weddings. You know? One that will make your friends jealous.

Don’t settle on your wedding photographer in Baton Rouge. We will work with you to create images that are special to you. We will support your desires on your wedding day. We will go above and beyond to make sure you and your fiancé's day is captured full-circle.

This is one of your biggest milestones. Make a statement and let’s create something that will blow people away.

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