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Baton Rouge Photographer - Sweet Wedding Day Memories

There are a few memories from your wedding day that will happen no matter what - cake cutting, first dance, getting dressed with your girls. But, have you considered carving out time for any of these sweet memories?

First Looks

First looks are becoming more and more common in the wedding industry. Not only do first looks give you and your fiancé time to bask in the moments before you say, "I do," they also lessen the time we spend taking formal photos between your ceremony and reception.

This sweet memory can be extended to other important figures in your life as well - your parent(s), bridesmaids, or children will also enjoy getting to see a sneak peek before the ceremony.

Mother's Special

Setting time aside for the mothers who brought you into the world is, in my opinion, a must-have.

Be sure to set aside 5-10 solo minutes for you and your mother on your wedding day. She can help you put on your jewelry, button up your gown, or say a prayer with you. You'll want to be sure to do the same for your fiancé and his or her mother, too!

Dear Lovely

Exchanging letters or gifts on your wedding day is such a sweet sentiment, especially if you do not plan on doing a first look.

I love setting aside time to capture the raw emotion of you and your fiancé as you both read letters you hand wrote for each other. Some things are just too good to say out loud - say it in a letter instead!

Maybe a Peek

If you don't plan on doing a first look, consider doing just a little peek. Some of my favorite, most powerful images are the creative ones with the bride and groom to be on opposite sides of a door, holding each others' hand before the ceremony.

There's something serene about feeling the love of your life's touch before all eyes are on you walking down the aisle.

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