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Baton Rouge Photographer - 2019 Year End Review

Although I think reflecting more often than once a year is extremely important, a new year is certainly a good excuse to look back on accomplishments and challenges. So, here goes - a year end review for Hoppe Images. Take a look at the big moments for us!

Hoppe Images LLC is legit! 

Paperwork is filed, website is launched, and your girl learns to swim in a very very deep pool that is small business operations.

Hoppe Images specializes in boudoir photography!

A natural niche for me - I have always been super passionate about empowering women and making people feel good about themselves. Having struggled with body image insecurities, depression, and anxiety, I felt very motivated to help other women going through the same things.

I partnered with Taylor Hamed, hair and makeup artist of J. Rhodes Salon & Spa, and Katie Nauta, Alba Nero Salon & Spa, to create a dream team that provides an all-inclusive boudoir experience. Pictures are great, but art is better. A photoshoot is cool, but an experience is unforgettable.

Hoppe Images expands!

The best part of having an in-home studios is I don't have to go anywhere and I can change the decor whenever I feel like it! So, in the fall of 2019, I called Mom and asked her to help me expand my studio from one room to two.

I want to be able to offer a good variety of setups to my clients. With a little help from Mom and a lot of paint, we were able to expand!

Hoppe Images educates!

2019 was a year full of education for me! In 2019, I dedicated more than 150 hours to learning how to better serve my clients. Completing an in-person workshop and many online classes focused on how to improve my work and build my business, this was money well spent! I got to spend lots of time learning from leading photographers - Brittany Bruce, Michael Sasser, Alex Loveland, Lindsay Adler, and Sal Cincotta.

It doesn't stop there - learning never stops. Which is why I've decided to share my knowledge and take on a few photography students myself! But, you'll have to hear about that in my 2020 year end review next January!

Hoppe Images loves! Take a look at some of my favorite sessions of 2019!

Alicen Albin of KW Realty welcomes her second

son, Ash, with an in-home lifestyle session. 

The Pitre family absolutely owned their

wardrobe at their family mini-session at

Ms. S slayed her bridal boudoir

session and now is an avid spokeswoman

for boudoir photography!  

Rebecca & AJ tied the knot on

Halloween night at the

everything but spooky!

Samantha J. of Lutcher High School

joins the Hoppe Images' Senior Representative

team for 2020 Seniors!

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