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Baton Rouge Boudoir - Welcomes Hair & Makeup Artist

Hoppe Images' Boudoir offers a fun, laid-back, professional experience, goosebump worthy albums, and lots and lots of laughs. Every full session includes a 60 minute massage by a licensed massage therapist and pampering by a professional hair & makeup artist. In January 2020, Hoppe Images welcomed a new primary artist, Kasey Foster. 

We asked Kasey some questions so you can get to get to know her as we have!

1. How long have you been a professional hair & makeup artist?

I have been a professional hair & makeup artist for three years!

2. What is your go-to eyeshadow palette? 

3. Where can clients find you for services outside of Hoppe Images?

Clients can follow my Instagram & Facebook business page. I also work at J. Rhodes Salon & Spa in Walker, Louisiana. 

4. Curling iron or curling wand? Which one and why?

It really depends on the type of curls you are hoping to achieve, but I typically prefer an iron. With that you can make many different types of curls - tight curls, loose, beachy waves. It's just super versatile. 

5. What's your most valuable beauty secret? 

I have two secrets! 1. Lip Liner. People think lip liner is so 90's, but it will really help achieve that full lip everyone is wanting these days. 2. CONFIDENCE! People always tell me, "Oh my gosh, you can pull off any color lipstick or eyeshadow! I am so envious, I wish I could pull that off!" The secret? You can! If you have confidence and do your hair and makeup for YOURSELF and no one else, you will be amazed at what you can pull off. 

Looking for stunning boudoir pictures? You have come to the right place. At Hoppe Images, we want to make your boudoir experience one you will remember for years to come. Anything but traditional, our goal is to deliver the most relaxed, easy intimate photoshoot. You know? One that will make your friends jealous.

Don’t settle on your boudoir photographer in Baton Rouge. We will work with you to create images that are special to you. We will support your desires at your boudoir session. We will go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable, relaxed, and pampered.

This is one the most empowering experiences you can have. Make a statement and let’s create something that will blow you away.

Check out some of our boudoir photography from some of our local clients at our Baton Rouge Boudoir Photography website

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