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Baton Rouge Boudoir - Two Tips to Staying Fresh During Quarantine

Content Contributor - Kasey Foster, Hair & Makeup Artist

Quarantine has been hard, I know. Although we are starting to come out of quarantine, I find myself falling into the same habits of the last few months... the bad habits. The sleeping until noon, eating all the things, and drinking one too many margaritas way too often. It wasn't until I met with Kasey Foster, Hair & Makeup Artist for Hoppe Images Boudoir, that I realized I could be using this time to do my body good.

Go Outside

Both your skin and hair need Vitamin D! But there’s a balance. If you stay out too long, it could increase chances of wrinkles. About an hour a day should be a good starting point.

Another benefit of going outside, good sleep. Good sleep promotes healthy skin and the sun is the perfect source of serotonin in order to get a good nights sleep!

So, go for a walk. Go check the mail. Lay in a hammock. Play fetch with the dogs.

Train Your Hair

If you usually have a hard time with your hair being oily, now is the time to train it. Go as long as possible without washing it. A good starting point is to wait two days, then three, then four to wash. You have no one to impress while staying home and the more often you go 3-4 days without washing, the less it’s going to overproduce oils on a daily basis. By the time life is completely back to normal, it will be less oily and more manageable.

So, enjoy a good soaking bath and keep that hair in a tight bun on top of your head while you're drinking a glass of wine.

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