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Baton Rouge Boudoir - It Starts with the Foundation

I am no where near in the category of those who are elite enough to give respectable advice. Like, seriously. I'm no poster child for the perfect relationship, self-care, or self-love. I've had my fair share of trials and felt enough tribulation with all of those things, just as I suspect most people have.

But. There's always a but.

The other day my husband, Evan, and I were putting together an outdoor shed. The kind that come with sketchy instructions, not enough screws, and extra parts. Let me paint you a picture:

  • Evan lays out stepping blocks to build a foundation for the shed. 

  • I show up and ask why there is so much space between the blocks. Evan explains to me that we did not buy enough blocks (which, we did, but don't get me going) so he spaced them out. 

  • In my head, I'm sitting here thinking, "This thing is going to cave in when we step in one of these non-supported areas." But, I try my best to be a supportive wife and don't say anything. 

  • We get the floors together. I mention a few times how the blocks are not level, but we press on. 

  • This process continues until all four walls finally go up. 

  • Mom & Dad show up to see the shed.... Mom (bless her heart) says, "The doors aren't going to close when you put them on because the floor isn't level." 

  • I give Mom a signal that says, "Be quiet. I don't want to have to say, 'I told you so.'" 

  • We go to put the roof on. Let's just was a pickle. Like any good team building project, there was some cussing going on. I kept finding ways to refer back to the uneven foundation that he laid, insinuating that he did it wrong. 

  • We shoved the roof on as best we could and incurred a risk of leaky roof and shoved the doors closed. 

At the end of our project I had a lightbulb moment - "This is going to be my next blog post... I'm going to talk about if you don't start with a strong foundation, then you're not setting yourself up success all the way from the beginning."

So, here I am, telling you about starting with a strong foundation in anything that you pursue. With life, that means you. YOU are the foundation for everything you are and everything you are becoming. Take time to self reflect, invest in yourself before investing in others. Take time to be bright, bold, and be|you|tiful. Make sure that your cup is full, that your mask is on before anyone else's. DO THE DANG BOUDOIR SHOOT. 

And that leads me to my closing thoughts. As I was typing this, I had another lightbulb moment, "Angela, if you had been more proactive in repairing the foundation at the very beginning, you wouldn't be blaming Evan for a future leaky roof and doors that are hard to close." I am part of the problem of the future leaky roof. Had I spent more time helping fix the foundation when I noticed a potential issue, I would have spent YEARS less complaining about the shed. Until we go back and fix that foundation, we will have a shed that is unable to perform at its highest potential, just like that self-image, relationship, marriage, or project you are working on right now. 

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