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Baton Rouge Boudoir - How to Make Sure Your Husband Doesn't Get Shot This Christmas

Let's talk Christmas shopping strategy, okay? We're women... and as far as I'm concerned, pretty good at getting what we want. If you aren't, then I'm writing a short guide to getting what you want, if what you want is a boudoir session.

Keep reading, sister, I gotchu.

STEP ONE Mention to your significant other that you are 100% dead set on doing a boudoir session. When he asks why or makes a stupid comment, stand up tall, babe, straighten that crown while you look him in the eye and tell him. So, why? This is something most men do not get --> It's not about them (unless you need that as ammunition, then it's definitely about them and you should read the next section). Period. It's not. It's about you, boo. It's about how important it is for you to feel beautiful, for you to feel like MORE. And, according to psychologists everywhere, 100% (fake statistic, don't quote me here), are saying the way to feel that way is to increase your self image and boudoir sessions absolutely do just that. In the words of Elle Woods, "Happy women don't shoot their husbands, they just don't." Summary: Convince him he does not want to be shot. Save the jewelry for your birthday gift, okay? STEP TWO Talk to him about the cost of the investment. Remember, the investment is you, baby.  STEP THREE Repeat Step 1 because step two is normally hard to swallow (just being honest). But, here's the thing. There is zero correlation between income and opportunity for a boudoir session. Most of my clients come from households with a limited budget, for one reason or another, and find ways to make it happen. Why? Values. My clients value not only luxurious products, but also high end experiences like vacations, fine dining, and.... self care and photography.  Summary: Take a drive to the poorest neighborhood you can think of and notice there are still homes with cars nicer than you would expect. Then, take a drive to the richest neighborhood and notice there are still homes with cars in worse shape you would expect. Income level does not dictate priorities.  STEP FOUR Casually mention there is a BLACK FRI-YAY SALE coming up... and, well, wouldn't it be nice if he (or she) could save some money? STEP FIVE Choose One Option One: Book a Black Fri-yay deal with his credit card, debit card, or with one of our payment plans and therefore save him tons of money on something that is inevitable and will happen in the next year regardless of his willingness. Option Two: Let him know that if he wants it to be a secret, he can absolutely claim the EXCLUSIVE VIP Boudie Queens Black Fri-yay sales by filling out a contact form and indicating that you are in the VIP group and that he would like to make boudie happen for you. Option Three: Threaten to him that he will have this ad plastered on his Facebook feed peer pressuring him into buying you a (now) full priced session thanks to targeted marketing. He will not get away from the ad.  STEP SIX Book your session! Instagram @hoppeimages VIP Group

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