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Baton Rouge Boudoir - A Personalized Pampering

When I first began photographing boudoir sessions, I focused more on the end result (as I often do in life) rather than the entire experience. Sure, when you booked with me, you were offered a decent, fun experience... but it was nothing special. There was nothing that screamed, "THIS DAY IS FOR YOU, GIRL! YOU ARE THE BOMB! YOU DESERVE EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF THIS DAY." So, I knew I needed to make a change in order to make a bigger impact on my clients' confidence - I needed to EMPOWER my clients through the art of photography, not just willy nilly take pretty pictures.

Your experience starts from the second you inquire about your future boudoir session. I do my best to make it easy, fun, and absolutely pressure-free. You are not a sale to me. YOU ARE MY GIRL, GIRL!

STEP ONE: Book Your Session!

STEP TWO: Survey Time!

When I was deciding on how I wanted to empower my clients, I knew I wanted to create a personalized, one of a kind experience. So, spent days developing easy, short surveys that would allow me to personalize your experience. We're talking down to a personalized wardrobe consultation and survey about how you'd like your snacks to come!


Let me set the scene for you. You pull into my driveway and wonder, "Am I in the right place? I don't want to knock on the wrong door." You take a deep breath and knock on my door anyway. I open it up and give you a giant hug (you're welcome). Taylor Hamed, hair and makeup artist, is all set up in the dining room with a giant spread of makeup. We all chit-chat for a bit, I pour you a drink, and then we begin the pampering! 

Your hair and makeup will take about an hour and a half. What are you doing during that hour and a half? You're snacking, you're drinking your favorite beverages... all delivered by me. I am your arms and legs during this time. Whatever you need, I got you girl. WE ARE LAUGHING.

Once you are all done up, lookin' all fancy, you and I will look through your wardrobe. We'll set up a rough timeline of outfits and go over some potential poses. Then, WE SHOOT! Being an in-home studio, you'll have a ton of options. Want to take sexy apron pictures? I have a kitchen (with a gorgeous island). Want to flip upside on a comfy chair? I got you girl. Want to run naked, Baywatch style, in the backyard - cool, we'll do it. We will for about 90 minutes. And we will laugh the entire time, trust me.

At this point, let's be honest. You may or may not be a half or whole bottle of wine in... so it's time to really relax. I have pretzeled you into positions (by the way, you can probably skip the gym the morning of your session) you didn't know were possible, but you're glad they happened. Now, it's time to introduce Katie Nauta, Licensed Massage Therapist. She will consult with you to determine your focus areas and desired pressure. You will enjoy a 30 minute massage (included with every session!), although you can upgrade to 60 minutes if you choose, while I edit your photos.

When you are done with your massage, you will join me in the living room where you will have your album revealed to you on the big screen! You will get to preview your entire album and choose your absolute favorites to represent yourself in print. I will walk you through all of the product options, you will choose your favorites and YOU.ARE.SET. 

You leave my house feeling AH-MAZING. I continue working. I do the final edits on your photos, I create your mock ups, and then I sleep for three days. (Just kidding...sort of) Once the mock ups are complete, I send them to you for final approval and then BAM! You have your products within 14 business days.

The Hoppe Images' Boudoir Experience is an all day (4-5 hours), personalized day of relaxation, empowerment, and complete fun. I strive to make you feel like a queen, because you are worth celebrating. You are worth investing in. You are worth feeling more. And I believe in taking the time to create an experience that holds a mirror up to show YOU what the world sees.

The Hoppe Images' Boudoir Experience is for women in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Hammond, and surrounding areas who want to feel more. Not local? No problem! Women who travel five or more hours to Hoppe Images will receive exclusive incentives to offset travel expenses.

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