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Baton Rouge Boudoir - 5 Ways to Relax Before Your Session

Content Contributor: Katie Nauta, LMT #7786

When I decided to revamp my photography business to be an inclusive boudoir photography experience, I wanted to offer a full relaxation and pampering experience. So, one step after I partnered with a local hair and makeup artist, I called Katie Nauta, Licensed Massage Therapist. Katie is an Acension native turned Livingston Parish and lives less than 5 minutes from the Hoppe Images' Boudoir in-home studio. She has been a LMT for years and, according to my clients, ABSOLUTELY AH-MAZING, so when I wanted to provide some really good relaxation advice to you guys, she was the obvious resource.

Check out these five ways to relax before your boudoir photography session, written by Katie Nauta, LMT #7786

Congratulations, you finally decided to book yourself that photoshoot that you have been wanting! Photoshoots can be tons of fun; however, some people tend to get stressed out, and then can’t enjoy the full aspect of them. Your session should be pleasurable, exciting and catered to you. I’m going to point out five great ways to relax and destress before your big day on camera.

The morning of your session hopefully you will be excited and anxious to rock your shoot. However, if you are feeling a little nervous and uneasy you should start off with some meditative stretches. I personally love to use some relaxing essential oils or incense such as lavender, bergamot, or sage during my early morning stretches, focusing on taking long breaths to ensure quality relaxation. Be sure to perform deep full body stretches while really trying to focus on each individual muscle, concentrating solely on your own body and nothing else. Typically, a good full body stretch session will take you about 10 to 15 minutes. Doing this can help awaken your mind so that you can focus better for what the day may bring, while also loosening your muscles so you aren’t stiff after a long night’s sleep.

After a good stretch, another great way to relax is to take a good 15-minute walk or bike ride. During this time, you should try to take in the nature that surrounds you. Take in the smell of the trees and any flowers that may be in bloom, along with listening to any birds and streams that are nearby. Nature can be very soothing for someone who is stressed out. Try using all of your senses while outside to open your mind. It will help take away any busy thoughts in your head such as what you’re cooking for dinner, what time you may have to pick up your kids, or all the laundry that’s piled up. So, simply take in the day that you are given and appreciate the nature of everything around you.

The next piece of advice I’m going to give you is my favorite way to destress and prepare for a big event. Take a nice, warm bath. I’m a big fan of using bath bombs, Epsom salts, and bubble bath to help promote full body relaxation. Pick out your favorite scents of one of these items and add it to your next bath and see how much it calms the body and mind. My favorite scent to use while relaxing is eucalyptus with spearmint, something about those 2 mixed together really helps clear the mind. Another favorite and relaxing scent is lavender and chamomile. While taking your bath before your session, it is also a good idea to use a body scrub to help get off any dead skin cells. Many places sell great scrubs, or you can make an amazing and simple scrub using household items such as sugar, salt, or coffee with a little bit of coconut or olive oil added to it. Using a body scrub will help add that healthy glow to your skin to make sure that your skin is radiant for your session!

The next thing I will suggest doing before your shoot can be hard for a lot of people, however I find it absolutely necessary, and that is self-affirmation. Usually when we look in the mirror, we like to point out all our flaws, telling ourselves that we just need to lose 10 more pounds, or I wish my nose wasn’t so big, or I wish my lips were bigger, etc. Instead of pointing out your flaws, be sure to point out all the great qualities that you love about your body. This can really ease your mind if you just look at all the positive attributes and ignore any negative you may have about yourself. Look in the mirror and tell yourself out loud the 5 things you love most about your body, whether it be your teeth, your eyes, your waistline, etc. During your photoshoot if you get nervous, then just remember those amazing aspects that you love about your body and focus on letting those shine through in your photos.

A lot of people get nervous about having their photo taken, you are not alone. There is one more thing that I suggest for you to be able to relax before your session; have a drink! Whether it is a glass of wine, or a glass of hot chamomile tea, both are good to take the edge off when you’re stressed out, nervous or just a little shy. Hot tea is soothing and can help your body relax, same as a glass of wine. Your photography team wants you to have fun, relax and enjoy your session as much as possible so be sure to try a few of these suggestions out. Everyone is different and what may work to help you relax may not help the next person, but it is important to figure out what works for you and know that you are in good hands with a helpful team there if you need anything at all. Have fun, let loose and enjoy your session!

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