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2 Budget Saving Tips for Your Wedding Florals

I get it, every wedding has a budget and every couple prioritizes vendors differently. For me, neither a dress nor florals made the top of my or my husband’s list. I actually ended up borrowing a friend’s wedding gown (which I LOVED) and I made our bouquets from wooden flowers (12/10 don’t recommend… it’s a pain).

Since becoming a wedding photographer, I’ve had many opportunities to find some elegant and simple floral arrangements that can be made easily, if florals aren’t at the top of your list and you’re willing to put in some effort.

Forrest Grove Plantation | Denham Springs, LA


I am seeing these more and more, especially for bridesmaid bouquets. The metal rings can be found at Hobby Lobby and either artificial or real florals can easily be attached to the ring and tied off with a flowy satin ribbon.

Not only are these affordable, you can make them as full or as simple as you’d like and you can make them in less than an hour.

Have your heart set on real florals? Consider making rings for your bridesmaids that coordinate with a custom bouquet from your local florist.

The Lake at Oakhill | Ethel, LA


This is probably the smartest idea I’ve seen.

When your bridesmaids enter the reception, have them place their bouquets in a vase that’s already waiting on the guest tables.

We’ve all seen the coordinator arrange the bouquets around the bride’s cake and, while it does look pretty for pictures, they are super useful on the tables too and can cut your floral budget tremendously!

Got more budget saving ideas for wedding florals? Comment below to share with other brides!

The Lake at Oakhill | Ethel, LA; Candles by Truly Haute

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