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To Carve or Not to Carve… that is the wedding reception question!

When polling social media about their preferences when attending a wedding, I was kind of shocked (yet pleasantly surprised) at the results. I fully anticipated guests to be most excited about the popular carving station, but I was completely wrong!

Only about 18% of respondents were pumped about a carving station - ONLY 18 OUT OF 100 GUESTS GET EXCITED ABOUT IT! 18. And what’s cool is an equal number were just as excited about hitting up a food or drink fountain of some sort.

What were the other 64% super pumped for?

Butler passed finger foods.

Yes. The internet is super excited when a stranger, dressed in black, approaches them mid-bunny hop and asks if they’d like an adorable finger sandwich, shot glass filled with ketchup & French fries, or a perfectly fried boudin ball.

Honestly, though I’m surprised, I’m definitely not disappointed. When someone is begging you repeatedly to eat a caprese salad shoved on a skewer, you feel a little less guilty about eating 500 of them. Plus, who can argue with food literally walking up to you?

So brides, when you're trying to figure out on whether or not to spend the budget on a giant piece of brisket or cute little finger foods, go with the finger foods.


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