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SPOTLIGHT VENDOR: Nacho Your Average Jockey

The dj (errr "disk jockey") you choose for your wedding day can either be fab or drab. I've been to a lot of weddings in my personal and professional life and I've got to say... there's nothing worse than a dj who doesn't know how to read the room.

I want to be able to jam and enjoy watching you and your guests have the time of your life and I just can't do that with a bad dj. So, I've collaborated with DJ D Nice out of Houston, Texas to bring you the 5 things to consider when hiring your dj.

DJ D Nice, Imperial Entertainment, Houston

How much of the music do you plan versus the couple? Is it standard to provide the dj with a full playlist?

When it comes to planning music we have created a awesome process to make it fun and easy for clients. We work along side with the customer when building the perfect playlist. If we have to find a average of how much music is picked by the bride id have to say 60%. This is because the actual reception/dancing part of the night is about 1/4th of a wedding.

Ceremony music:

The brides gives us a ideal of the style of music she wants for seating. The songs that actual play during the ceremony and picked by the couple.

Cocktail Hour / Dinner Music

Brides typically offers 15 to 20 must plays and we are able to mix and blend along with these.

Grand Entrance & Presentations:

These are special moments that we have our clients directly pick each song. We do offer top 100 playlist of popular song choices if needed for each.


This is where the party starts! We have a process of discussing this part of the event not to say too much lol. Our clients typically submit a top 20 must playlist and we build the perfect playlist around that. Sometimes we do have clients that would like to submit more. The key thing to consider is once the event starts reading the crowd is more important than sticking to a playlist.

What is the price range I can expect when shopping for a dj?

There’s many things to take in consideration. For instance sound needed for each room (ceremony, cocktail hour and reception) you do not want your DJ moving equipment around while guest are enjoying the event. Lighting options are just important as setting your ideal decor. The idea that the DJ shows up with two speakers and some quick party lights is so outdated. Unfortunately it’s the industry standard.

You can find a DJ for $500 but also you can find a DJ for $5000 that offers more than just music. When it comes to price you must make sure you have a full understanding of exactly what’s being paid for. How much your DJ cost should not be why you are hiring them. Having experience with weddings is the most important factor when hiring a DJ. Why? The reason is because with experience comes the ability to adapt to any situation and still delivery a flawless performance.

What questions should I ask when hiring a dj?

It is very important to make a list of questions so that you have the confidence that your hiring the right professional. They only have one shot to get it right. Here’s a few suggestions.

  • How many times per month do you DJ a wedding?

  • Do you have referrals and testimonials from past clients or professional vendors?

  • Do you work with a company or are you a independent DJ?

  • If independent, how will you cover our event if you can’t due to circumstances out of your control ?

  • Do you own all your equipment or do you rent equipment to service your weddings?

What are a few "must have" pieces of equipment I should make sure my dj has before hiring?

The basics are sound, lighting, and microphones.

Sound: Will you have enough sound to fit all rooms ?

Lighting: Do you have any lighting examples to show us ?

Microphones: Will you have wireless microphones for the ceremony and reception ?

What type of emcee styles are there? How would you describe your emcee style?

You definitely will not see me in the center of the floor giving five minutes of standup comedy but with that being said I try to engage the guest as needed. Coming out from behind the DJ booth to address the event is a must. Keeping the energy up in the room, creating smiling faces, controlling the flow of events, and also making sure all guests have a idea of what’s happening next. The master of ceremonies must not steal the show but compliment the wedding due to the fact we are celebrating the union of two.

I’d say you have comedic style MC’s, formal style MCs, Mc’s that love to talk all night lol and MC’s that only address the timeline laid out by the planner. Deciding which is best your crowd may be a personal preference.

Venue pictured above: The Farmhouse | Houston, TX | DJed by DJ D Nice

Ready to hire DJ D Nice? You can follow him on Instagram @djdnicehouston @imperialdjshouston or email him at You may also call Imperial Entertainment at (281) 900-0818.

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