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As You Are, Now


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Hey girl -- I see you. You're tiptoeing on this page to see if the BE YOU Beach Trip is for you. Before I help you decide, I want to note that May 3-6, 2024 is the drop dead "I PROMISE!" date!

This ladies only beach trip is for YOU if you:

  • Find yourself listing excuses as to why you can't come

  • Have been wanting to self-reflect but you'r not entirely sure where to start

  • Know you need time to think but something else always takes precedence

  • Want to meet new women in the same phase of life

  • Want a "play as you wish" beach trip where activities are planned for you but if you skip them, no one will make you feel bad.

This beach trip is NOT for you if you:

  • Aren't ready to listen to different perspectives

  • Aren't open to self reflection

  • Aren't open to leaving judgement at the door and welcoming others with grace

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Keep reading to enroll!

New Orleans wedding photographer
"Undoubtably worth it. The only bummer was having to leave so soon."



On this beach trip, let us take care of the meals and snacks. In addition to a fully stocked pantry, you will enjoy meals prepared specifically for our group of ladies. 

2023's BEACH TRIP attendees enjoyed an upscale dinner at a local steakhouse! 

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Sit back and let us do the heavy lifting. Our daily concierge services will take the daily chores off your plate so you can focus on YOU. 

This beach trip is meant to keep your mind clear so you can dig deep and reflect on your past, present, and future. Allow us to keep your towels dry, cook, and clean while you do the hard stuff!

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Whether you're attending for personal or professional reflection -- we got you covered.

Choose your session (boudoir, branding, or personally fun), complete with a quick planning session leading up to it. 

Ask for an itemized invoice to expense your trip for business!

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You, up to 8 other women, and a small staff will enjoy a 4 day, 3 night stay at a house along the Gulf Coast beaches on May 3-6, 2024. 

Not only will you be pampered with catered meals, executed events and activities, you'll have plenty of time to spend around the pool or beach chatting with new friends, reading the books that's been sitting on your list, or taking a nap to recharge. 

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wedding photographer in baton rouge
"I was hesitant thinking everybody would be cliquey or that we wouldn't connect as I was the sole person from out of state -- that is NOT true of the BE YOU Crew. I typically struggle in groups and especially groups of women but this group made mee feel seen and included."


I wish I had a group of women to vacation with, but I just don't have that many friends.


Hold my wine and lemme werk werk werk.


As a women in her thirties who is surrounded by women from all walks of life, I saw a need. Everywhere I looked I encountered women who had a desire to connect with others but didn't necessarily have a group committed to connecting in an open, low stress, and easy way. 

That's when the BE YOU Community exploded. 

The BE YOU Community is one that is committed to welcoming all women with open arms and supporting their past, present, and future without judgement. We give grace, understanding, and empathy to each other as we commit to seek fulfillment in who we are and who we want to become.

The BE YOU beach trip is the opportunity to prioritize the journey of becoming authentically you with the support of women who are just trying to do the same.

Wondering what we did last year? Check out the 2023 BE YOU Beach Trip Tour Guide here.



December 1-31, 2023

$1200 per guest

$1500 full price per guest enrolled after December 31

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What's the correct date?

After releasing the date, I realized that was Mother's Day weekend so I moved it. The new weekend is The Hangout Festival, so we moved it again. The final (and correct) date is May 3-6, 2024. I apologize for this confusion <3

What's the exact city?

BE YOU is about being transparent, fun, and cozy. With that, I said that this beach trip is meant to run at ultimate cozy for the ladies attending -- that means I need to know who is attending before deciding on an exact rental and location. Don't worry -- it'll be bomb af. The closest airport, regardless, will be Pensacola, FL.

What are the payment plan options?

There is a $200 deposit to claim your pillow. The remaining balance can be paid in full, bi-monthly, or monthly. 

Is travel included?

No, travel is not included. Although we will help coordinate carpooling, we are unable to provide complete transportation to the beach house. However, if you plan on extended travel via plane please let us know ahead of time so we can support you!

What are the hidden fees?

There are none. you can feasibly attend this trip with no additional fees. However, there will be opportunities for you to enjoy the locale with your new friends! Consider bringing a little extra cash for fun activities, Ubers, or a night out on the town.

Is this single or double occupancy?

While most attendees will enjoy single occupancy sleeping arrangements, a few attendees will be sharing a bed or room with another guest. If you're traveling with a companion, we will bunk you accordingly. To request single sleeping occupancy, please add $550 to the total price and indicate at booking. We cannot guarantee you will be the only guests in the room but this add on does guarantee you will be the only guest in your bed.

What happens if I can't go?

Unfortunately, this trip is nonrefundable. In the event that you cannot attend, we encourage you to sell your ticket to someone who could use the opportunity. 

Can I claim this as a business expense?

Always check with your CPA before expensing anything, but yes. Yes, you can. This beach trip can be as personal or professional as you need it to be -- after all, small business owners have the hardest job of disconnecting in order to reconnect for their clients. THAT is what this beach trip is for -- to discover you in order to better serve those around you. For your included photography session we will plan a branding session to showcase in your biz!

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