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Baton Rouge Photographer - Senior Wardrobe

Preparing for your senior portrait session can be exciting, but also tends to be a little stressful. You're choosing a wardrobe that represents you (exciting part) and also satisfies Mom (stressful part). That's where I come in!

I want to make sure your senior portrait session reflects YOU and everything you love. Here are some wardrobe tips for your senior photo session in Baton Rouge.

Outfit 1: Choose Something Sophisticated

... and fancy. This time in your life represents not only the completion of one life-stage, but the beginning of another - adulthood. Wearing something sophisticated and fancy is the perfect representation of what's to come in your be|you|tiful life.

>> Pant suit

>> Long, flowy dress

>> Heels

Outfit 2: Choose Something Casual

... but not lazy.

>> Jeans & an oversized sweater

>> Capris, a blouse, & a cardigan

>> Sundress

Outfit 3: Choose Something Just for You

>> Your sport's uniform

>> Your future college's t-shirt

>> All of your Morphe pallets or favorite books


>> Senior ring

>> The ball from your sport of choice, like a softball (or pom-poms)

>> A hat

I can't wait to design a senior portrait session with you! One that satisfies your style but also keeps Mom with a smile on her face!

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