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Baton Rouge Photographer - "Pin"spiration

Preparing for your boudoir, portrait, or engagement session can be super exciting and sometimes stressful, especially when you're booked with the best boudoir, portraiture, and wedding photographer on this side of the Mississippi River.

If you're anything like me, when you start a plan, you get on a roller coaster of excitement and panic. Excited to update your family photos, to get dolled up, to plan a date. Panicked because you don't know what you'll wear, what poses you should do, what the kids should wear, or where you should choose to get them done.

Again, if you're anything like me, you go straight to the internet and maybe even Pinterest. You start your search and you find so many cute ideas, pin so many posts, and create so many boards.

And that's it... that's all you do. You never share it with anyone.

But the truth is, your photographer is wishing she could get in your head before the session in order to see your vision! So, I've created our very own Business Pinterest account so clients can share their visions with me prior to their session with me and also explore inspirations of my own.

If you are a planner, like me, or if you need a little inspiration from time to time, also like me, I invite you to create a Pinterest board for your upcoming boudoir or portrait session (or wedding) and share it with me!

Though I never change my bright and bold editing style, I do love getting creative and am totally up for trying that fancy pose you pinned.

You may share your boards with me by following me here!

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