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Baton Rouge Photographer - 3 Huge Wedding Day Tips

You've probably been scouring the internet looking for trips and tricks that will make your wedding day as smooth as a baby's butt. While those tips are probably tried and true, these are my top three wedding day tips to send my bride.

Designate a responsible adult.

Someone as adult or more adult than others consider you. The bride and groom should each have someone who is responsible for keeping everyone on track. This should not be the bride or groom. Why?

Wedding days are busy, okay? You should enjoy your day, not run around herding your wedding party.

This person should be the point of contact for anyone needing to get in touch with you, the wedding coordinator, family, and (you guessed it) your photographer. Provide their name, relationship to the bride or groom, and their phone number including the area code.

Be sure to let the responsible person they are, indeed, the adultier adult and should be glued to their phone.


You've already designated a responsible adult to wrangle your bridal party, keep that momentum going and designate someone for these things, too! Be sure to let them know exactly what they're responsible for, when the thing they're responsible for is to arrive or depart, and who to contact if they have questions (HINT: It's your responsible adult above).

>> Getting bouquets & boutonnieres to the correct location

>> Getting bride & groom gifts home

>> Getting bride & groom belongings to the car/home

>> Confirming your limo times with driver beforehand

>> Fastening boutonnieres to groom/groomsmen

>> Grabbing your reception gown, exit dress, etc

Write it down.

One of the things we do for every wedding is create a detailed timeline. We include everything on the timeline (even travel time!) so we can be sure that everyone is on the same page and you get everything you ever wanted from your wedding photographer.

Follow suit - write all the stuff you did above in a GoogleDoc and share it with everyone you could possibly need to speak with on your wedding day.

I want you to enjoy your wedding day. I want you to be able to breathe. I want you to be able to set your phone down and know that no matter what, your friends and family are supporting you so that you can have the best day ever.

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