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Baton Rouge Boudoir - A Bridal Show Offer

I had the chance to meet some absolutely amazing brides at the Baton Rouge Bridal Show, hosted by N-Joy Events. I heard this phrase from some of the bride-to-bes, "I've wanted to do this, but I need to lose a few pounds." I am here to say this to you --

Don't wait until you lose a few.. The "you" you are now, is perfect, girl. For real. There will always be something that's convincing you to push this off. You will always have an excuse, but... what I'm about to tell you is a different kind of excuse - an excuse to DO IT

I am giving the brides of the Baton Rouge Bridal Show an EXTRA $100 off your full session booking fee until Monday, January 27! Yes, that's on top of your bridal expo incentive of $50 off booking fee and $100 collection credit. 

Ladies, that's $150 OFF A REGULAR BOOKING FEE OF $425

(so you pay $275!!!!). 

Wanna schedule a phone call or consistent text exchange consultation to ask questions and to book your session? Request a consultation here

Your boudoir session is more than photography. Your boudoir session is an all day, full service, luxurious experience that will freeze time and show you that you are bright. You are bold. You are beautiful, IN THIS VERY MOMENT, and the collection you choose to save $100 on will reflect just that. 

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Looking for memorable wedding pictures? You have come to the right place. At Hoppe Images, we want to make your wedding experience one you will remember for years to come. Anything but traditional, our goal is to deliver the most relaxed, easy weddings. You know? One that will make your friends jealous.

Don’t settle on your wedding photographer in Baton Rouge. We will work with you to create images that are special to you. We will support your desires on your wedding day. We will go above and beyond to make sure you and your fiancé's day is captured full-circle.

This is one of your biggest milestones. Make a statement and let’s create something that will blow people away.

Check out some of our wedding photography from some of our local brides at our Baton Rouge Wedding Photography website

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