$400 retainer

includes up to 90 minutes shoot time, wardrobe & styling guide, three outfits, hair & makeup by a professional artist, and refreshments the day of your session.


No digital images or prints included. 

$200 due at booking, balance due 30 days later. Pre-session installments and financing available.

Choose Your Collection

The best way to purchase images & prints is through Collections; which are  bundled perfectly based on popular client selections.


You may choose to purchase A La Carte in lieu of a Collection, we only require a $1200 minimum investment.

Add On Extras

Once you've chosen your Collection, you can add on items from the A La Carte list. 

Choose Payment Plan

First, choose when you'd like to purchase. 

IN FULL before your session

and receive Boudie Bucks

IN FULL the day of your session and forfeit Boudie Bucks

INSTALLMENTS leading up to  your session and receive Boudie Bucks.

Though we encourage you to pay in full, we do offer in-house pre-session installments & we accept all major credit cards & PayPal credit for interest free financing.

Collect & Redeem Boudie Bucks

Boudie Buck are listed below next to each Collection & A La Carte.

One "$" represents one Boudie Buck.


Boudie Call


Value of $5400

10x10’’ Album w/ 30 images

10-image Folio Box

16x20’’ Acrylic Print

Full Digital File Collection on USB with Print Release OR short film

Digital gallery phone app

When purchased before your session, this collection awards you $$$$ Boudie Bucks.

Digital Bundle


Value of $4000

Full edited, digital collection with print release delivered on USB drive

Phone app

1-3 minute short film from your session

When purchased before your session, this collection awards you $$$ Boudie Bucks.

Pamper Me


Value of $3400

Most Popular!

8x8’’ Album w/ 20 images

11x14" Acrylic Print

Purchased Mid-resolution Digital File Collection for download

Digital gallery phone app

When purchased before your session, this collection awards you $$$ Boudie Bucks.

Adore Me


Value of $1900

10-image Folio Box or Envelope

11x14’’ Acrylic Print

When purchased before your session, this collection awards you $ Boudie Buck.

A La Carte

- may be purchased addition to a collection

- if purchased in lieu of collection, $1200 minimum investment applies

-when purchase before your session, you are awarded $ Boudie Buck per $250


thick, mounted prints in a gold trimmed, glass folio box, wrapped in a dainty ribbon & tissue or bound in a genuine leather envelope

10 images $1500

15 images $2000

20 images $2500

Acrylic Wall Art

vivid colors and a sleek display with hardware for hanging

11x14’’     $400

16x20’’   $600

20x30’’   $900

24x36’’.  $1200

Luxury Albums

your choice of either leather or velvet cover and thick, flat lay pages

8x8’’ (20 images): $1500

10x10’’ (30 images): $1800

12x12’’ (40 images): $2200


edited, digital images delivered on phone app. Print release not included.

10 images $1300

15 images $1900

20 images $2700

1-3 minute short film $900


may redeemed after completion of pre-session purchase of $1200+

$$$$$ Boudie Bucks

Hoppe Images will purchase, on your behalf, an exclusive wardrobe piece or prop that is mutually agreed upon. Though this piece will remain in the Hoppe Images' client wardrobe, you will be the very first to create art with it.

$$$$ Boudie Bucks

-1-3 minute Short Film from your session

-90 minute massage by a Licensed Massage Therapist & same day edits with viewing session.

See and choose your images the very same day as your session.

boudoir photographer
$$$ Boudie Bucks

each of the following may be redeemed for 3 Boudie Bucks

-60 minute massage by a Licensed Massage Therapist & same day edits with viewing session

-Pool Mini Session (15 minutes, April to September)

-3 additional digital images

-5x5 companion album (exact copy or Photographer's choice if Digital Bundle)

boudoir photographer.jpg
$ Boudie Buck

each of the following may be redeemed for 1 Boudie Buck

-Access to elegant robe collection 

-One 5x7 mounted print



Pre-Payment Installment Plans

choose your collection before your session and we will split it into smaller, easy payments. 

PayPal Credit

choose your products at your session, check out with PayPal Credit, and receive interest free financing for 6 months.

Pre-Session Incentive

pay for your collection prior to your session by either full payment or installment plan and collect Boudie Bucks

Frequently Asked

How long will I have access to the phone app?

We promise to host your gallery for at least 90 days before we can archive it. However, we normally keep it available for an unlimited amount of time.

How long will it take to receive my images?

It can take up to two weeks after your viewing session to receive your products and images.

Do I have to pre-pay for my images?

Nope! Not at all, though you do receive incentives, called Boudie Bucks, and are able to utilize a payment plan to do so. Your images will be available for purchase up until the Viewing Session. At that point, the images are archived and cannot be purchased again. If you plan on purchasing a collection at your session, keep in mind there is a $900 minimum investment that must paid immediately.

What if I want to add additional time or outfits to my session?

We do not currently offer this option.

Can I substitute something in my collection?

Sure! We occasionally make substitutions for our clients. Wall art may be substituted for additional album images and folios may be substituted for a 5x5 companion album.